I had been a heavy smoker for over 30 years, who tried all of the conventional available methods such as gum, patches, Zyban, all with no success. I was hypnotized by Monique last April, and have been smoke free for 8 months. Monique made me realize I was truly not giving anything up when I quit, and I am now experiencing incredible gains.

Kim Cox

My husband and I decided to try to quit smoking in 2014. My husband had been smoking for over 50 years, and I'd been smoking for 47 years.
We had already tried the pills, the gum, and the patches, so I decided to research other ways to quit.
I found on ad on Facebook for Monique, and it mentioned hypnosis, so I decided to contact her.
She booked our appointments for two weeks later, giving us some exercises to do in the meantime.
We went in on February 14th, and Monique made sure that we were at ease. The care and understanding that she showed us was wonderful.
Both my husband and I quit that day, and never looked back, even after almost two years.
I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in Oct. 2015 and still didn't want to smoke again...
We were so grateful for the help, that we recommended her to other people who were serious about quitting!"

Vivianne Chernoff

I embarked on a personal journey with Monique in September. At the time, I was stuck, frustrated and not sure what I wanted or needed to feel better. We started some hypnosis and I saw some subtle changes begin to take place. I felt calmer more often and started to have glimpses of spontaneous happiness, where I felt happy, for no reason.
However, the true power of hypnosis came through during a major crisis in my life which occurred a few days after Monique's recent Bliss and Balance weekend. Life dealt me a major blow which affected my family life, work life, health and finances. A few months ago I would have had a major breakdown. Instead, I was able to feel the sadness, hurt, anger, fear, confusion and navigate calmly. I was able to feel the despair but also see the hope. I was able to feel all the powerful emotions, but keep a clear head. Because of this new found power I was able to make decisions based on my needs instead of letting the emotions run the show. Had I not started on this journey, the event would have destroyed me emotionally. Thank you so much Monique, for showing me the strength that I possess. I now feel that I am a force to be reckoned with and I am one of the strongest people I know.

MindBodySpirit Membership Holder

OMG! Thank you so much! This was like a "shock" of insights! So many Aha! moments over the weekend. I've been waiting for this kind of workshop for years now--to be surrounded by like-minded women. I felt totally safe!


I am blessed. I am living in abundance. I thank God for guiding me toward Monique. I love to be in a calm, caring environment. I feel at peace. I feel blessed. I do love my life even if my daughter is not physically with me. I love the practice writing technique. I will dance more often. What a relief! Thank you to Monique and all these women for being themselves and sharing their beauty.


Quelle fin de semaine! Prendre soin de moi-même. Apprendre comment l'être humain fonctionne. Apprendre que je peux me calmer en portant mon attention sur ma respiration. Savoir maintenant que je n'ai jamais fini de me pratiquer et de savoir que le bonheur c'est moi.


I did not consciously know that I needed this workshop. However, learning how the brain works is helping me understand how I function, and that knowledge allows me to be more understanding and compassionate toward myself. By not judging and berating myself, I can shift into love and curiosity. It's a more gentle and kinder place to be. There, I can heal; there, I can gain insight; there, I can transform.
The "doing" in this workshop grounded concepts in my body, providing wonderful benefits. The talk becomes integrated!


This weekend has been totally awesome. I have learned about the many "Minds" and how to work with them. BLISS & BALANCE will help me stay emotionally on track by giving me the necessary tools to work with. Bravo to Monique for offering it, and bravo to me for being part of it!


J'ai adoré le temps passé avec le groupe et Monique. Les réflexions profondes et sincères, le partage d'expériences et les moments de calme (avec le corps et l'esprit) permettent de mieux comprendre et de mieux vivre les défis quotidiens....ou de longue date. Je repars avec des outils et des stratégies concrètes et utiles à mon cheminement. Mille mercis. J'ai hâte à la suite des choses!


I can't say enough about Monique's services! I have been a MindBodySpirit client for a year now, and self-hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness and relaxation have made a significant difference in my life. I have learned to implement these techniques to manage stress and anxiety. I am so much better emotionally.


I had no clue what to expect, so I went in with an open mind and ready for a new experience. I was not disappointed at all. In fact, I left there on cloud nine and whenever I think about it, I find myself smiling. The process has taught me so much about myself and has let me release some demons. I have grown so much and have a better handle on myself and my goals. Hypnosis helps tremendously with my anxiety, which is utterly amazing. I can't say enough good things about the embracing calmness of spending time with Monique Chenier.


I would like to convey sincerely how much Monique has had such a positive and dramatic effect on my life, my well-being, my attitude towards myself, others and life in general. I was at a point in my life where I really needed help and am so glad I was open minded enough to try hypnosis.
It has been a great experience for me and continues to be; I am a changed person and continue to make positive changes and choices. I'm much happier, healthier and far less stressed than I have been in countless years, and I strongly recommend this process to anyone who may feel they could benefit from hypnosis.
I was initially skeptical as I’m sure many would be, but this skepticism has been replaced with a deep respect and admiration for the therapeutic hypnosis process.
Be Safe,


One word to explain the experience I have gotten at MBS... Exceptional! Having a daughter who suffers from generalized anxiety, it was a God send to find Monique. She has helped my daughter achieve peace within herself and taught her how to meditate and how to deal with her anxieties. Monique is always gentle, understanding and open to helping my daughter. Most of all, she is always there when needed. Monique has this angelic quality in the way she listens, speaks and cares for her clients. Just absolutely amazing!!!


Integrated Wellness Centre