Real Live Muses & Kick-Ass Heroines

Real Live Muses & Kick Ass Heroines is a private Facebook group that celebrates, inspires, awakens and supports womxn of all bodies and feminine spirits of all kinds and serves as the starting point of a $3 monthly membership.

*Note that this is a eco-feminist, anti-racist, anti-ageist, anti-ableist, queer and trans inclusive community for womxn who are tired of the status quo. If you feel called into this gathering (and are not a cis man), then you are home.

What do you get by pledging $3 a month? 

  • Immediate membership in Real Live Muses & Kick Ass Heroines, a private Facebook group dedicated to celebrating, inspiring, motivating and supporting change-making womxn of the past, present, and future
  • Access to a bank of live-streamed workshops, meditations, visualizations, and guided relaxations to support you on your journey
  • First access to new, monthly, Live & Online, group events
  • A chance to influence what happens here in upcoming months (or years?)
  • The choice to support my efforts even if you don’t need them yourself
  • The flexibility to remain here as long (or as briefly) as you like 
  • Voting power over which organization or charity we send funds to once we reach 100 members

My vision for this membership

I’m hoping to provide Mindfulness-based support to womxn who are committed to becoming the action-takers and change-makers the world needs now by building them a bank of workshops, classes, meditations and talks.

At the moment, 13 live-streamed, value-packed events have been archived on this site, and I am committed to growing that bank each and every month.

If you’re ready to find out more, or become a member, please click I AM READY!

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