One of the favourite parts of my business are the MindBodySpirit Coaching Programs I started back in 2016. Working with my coaching clients is a very fulfilling experience for me.

What I love best about coaching is that I see my clients regularly over a 12 month period, and we can work on whatever comes up over that time. Often, we begin working on something like building confidence or reducing stress, and eventually we’re dealing with letting go of the past or quitting smoking.

I feel deeply connected to my coaching clients and am genuinely happy and excited when they experience positive change.

Here’s a testimonial from one of my clients: “Having a coaching program with Monique allows me to improve different areas of my life as things come up over the course of the year. The sessions are a pleasurable experience that provide lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me make the changes I want. Monique is helping me achieve my goals and I will be forever grateful!” P.M.

I’m so deeply grateful for the commitment people make when they invest in one of my upper level programs, that I also provide online group support through monthly online workshops and meditations.

For more information about my coaching programs, please check out the Levels of Coaching.

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