My Vision for this Membership

In this membership, I am creating empowering content to help women lead the lives they want to lead.

And, although I am first and foremost creating meditations and workshops to help women inside this membership lead the lives they want to lead, it isn’t only about that.

My intention behind all of what I am offering here is also to support women at large during these difficult times.

Ultimately, after paying for the platforms needed to do what I do virtually, and (hopefully) beginning to make some money for myself, I want to donate funds generated from the revenue of this site to Canadian programs and services that address gender-based violence and economic problems (ex. the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s Tireless Together Fund).

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, women and children are at risk right now.

 NOTE: This program is housed on the Patreon platform which I love, because everything is so easy to find.

So…what does a $4 pledge give you? 

  • Immediate membership in a private Facebook group dedicated to this group 
  • Access to a bank of 17+ live-streamed workshops, meditations, visualizations, and guided relaxations to support you on your journey
  • First access to new, monthly, Live & Online, group events
  • A chance to influence what happens here in upcoming months (or years?)
  • The choice to support my efforts even if you don’t need them yourself
  • The flexibility to remain here as long (or as briefly) as you like 
  • Voting power over which organization or charity we send funds to once we reach 100 members.

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Who am I?

I’m Monique Chénier, and I help people overcome self-sabotaging habits, beliefs and patterns so they can lead the lives they want to lead.

In the last decade, I’ve combined my years of experience as an in-class teacher, published writer and certified consulting hypnotist, with a growing understanding of the unconscious mind, Buddhist psychology, yogic philosophy, and mindfulness meditation to help people overcome the obstacles that have held them back in the past.

I’ve created this membership because I believe the fate of our collective future depends on how we show up in the world from this moment forward and I want to provide as much emotional and mental support to women as I can as well as financial support to organizations and charities that do the same.

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*Note that this is a eco-feminist, anti-racist, anti-ageist, anti-ableist, queer and trans inclusive community. If you identify as a woman and feel called into this gathering, then you are home.

**Furthermore, the copyright for all of my writing, workshops, meditations and classes and any elements created within and shared through this site (including any writings I publish here) remain with me. Your pledge in no way allows you to use, share, sell or replicate the material generated within the scope of this or any other platform I run.

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NOTE: This program is housed on the Patreon platform which I love, because everything is so easy to find.

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