Hypnosis Programs


This initial program consists of four, one-hour hypnosis sessions* scheduled over a four to six week period. Clients receive a recording of at least one of these sessions to ensure their continued success even after the program is done.

Clients choose one area of their lives they want to focus on. Popular areas of focus are stress reduction, building confidence, getting rid of fears, sleeping better, and many more.

This is a highly effective program that ensures positive, lasting change.

*I generally like to meet virtually with a client for a free consultation before any purchase is made. That way, we can discuss your hopes and concerns before getting into a formal session or exchanging any money. This meeting can take place in-person, over the phone, or online.

Note: All sessions are held online.

To set up your free consultation, please contact me at Monique@mindbodyspirittimmins.com.

Your investment is 599 plus tax.

If you’re ready to purchase, please click on the Buy Now button below for PayPal or credit card options. 


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