Trees have a very special place in my heart, and I especially love our Boreal Forest here in Northern Ontario. 

However, as you may have noticed, the background photos I’ve included on this site are of mangrove trees.

Although the mangrove is NOT a northern tree and exists almost exclusively in the tropics and near-tropics, if you read on you’ll see how it fits into my personal and professional philosophy.

I first learned about mangroves as a high school English teacher when I had the privilege of reading the essay “Sojourner” by Annie Dillard with my senior students.

In her essay, Annie Dillard, a Pulitzer Prize winning author, discusses how a mangrove tree floating in the middle of the salty ocean must create its own freshwater ecosystem if it is to survive.

She writes, “If survival is an art, then mangroves are artists of the beautiful: not only that they exist at all—smooth-barked, glossy-leaved, thickets of lapped mystery—but that they can and do exist as floating islands, as trees upright and loose, alive and homeless on the water.”

My personal and professional philosophy has grown out of Dillard’s idea that humans are also “artists of the beautiful.”

Like the mangrove island that survives in a poisonous ocean, many of us are traveling through a world that is often hostile to our physical, emotional, and mental well-being, and yet, despite it all, we survive.

In fact, many of us thrive.

It is my wish to support my clients throughout their journey here on earth, and help them gather the tools and techniques that will ensure they thrive during their sojourn here.

We live at an amazing moment in the history of self-care—a time when we have the opportunity to marry the miracles of modern medicine with the wonders of natural and holistic living.

We also live at a precarious moment in the history of humanity and of Earth itself. It is a time to hone our mental resilience and, despite it all, imagine a brighter future. 

As Annie Dillard says, “We are down here in time, where beauty grows.”

When you’re ready, I look forward to helping you become an artist of the beautiful in your own life.

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