A Message from Monique

In her essay “Sojourner,” Pulitzer Prize winning author Annie Dillard discusses how a mangrove tree floating in the middle of the salty ocean must create its own fresh water ecosystem if it is to survive.

She writes, “If survival is an art, then mangroves are artists of the beautiful: not only that they exist at all—smooth-barked, glossy-leaved, thickets of lapped mystery—but that they can and do exist as floating islands, as trees upright and loose, alive and homeless on the water.”

MindBodySpirit Integrated Wellness Centre has grown out of the idea that we humans are also “artists of the beautiful.”

Like the mangrove trees of Dillard’s essay, we are beings traveling through a world that is often hostile to our physical, emotional, and mental well-being, and yet, despite it all, we embark on a journey of survival that will lead us to discover just how indomitable we really are.

At MindBodySpirit, it is my wish to support my clients in their personal transformation by providing services such as hypnosis, coaching, yoga, EFT, writing for wellness, and mindfulness meditation, through private programs as well as through retreats,  classes, talks, and workshops.

We live at an amazing moment in the history of self-care—a time when we have the opportunity to marry the miracles of modern medicine with the wonders of natural and holistic living.

As Annie Dillard says, “We are down here in time, where beauty grows.”

I look forward to helping you become an artist of the beautiful in your own life.



About Monique Chénier

At MindBodySpirit, I empower people to empower themselves, so that they can become who they were always meant to be. Life throws a lot at us, and I believe that every day people living every day lives should be given the opportunity to access the power that already exists within them, and become spectacular people leading spectacular lives.

I help my clients take control of their lives through transformational services such as hypnosis, lifestyle coaching, mindfulness meditation, guided relaxation, EFT and restorative yoga.

Whether my clients want to quit smoking, improve emotional or physical well-being, eat better, have more confidence, or simply to get unstuck, I’m here for them.

Since receiving my basic training in Hypnosis over 5 years ago, my mind has been stretched continuously. Behind every book I have read, every class or further training I have taken, there has always been the background hum of “How can this help my clients?”

I have now added countless advanced trainings in Hypnosis to my qualifications, a 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training, and recently completed my basic training in Emotional Freedom Techniques. This January, I began my EFT Practitioner Training.

I now know that the mind is infinite and that there is no one way to get from A to Z. I love meeting my clients where they are and helping them get to where they want to be.

I also love that working with others has challenged me to continue to work on myself. All of the modalities I use in my business have been pivotal in my own self care.

At MindBodySpirit, I help people lead healthy, full lives despite what life may have thrown their way.

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